Japan (UTC+9), Vladivostok (UTC+10), Korsakov (UTC+11)

Wakkanai – Korsakov 
SASCO and Hokkaido Sakhalin Line 

SASCO – Sakhalin shipping company operates a passenger ferry service from 2nd June to 19th September of 2017 between Wakkanai of the northern city of Hokkaido and Korsakov near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk of Sakhalin. Ferries go during the summer season in usual.

new SASCO Wakkanai-Korsakov ferry will sail this year!! SASCO and their co-operater Hokkaido Sakhalin Line have the plan to start regular service from late July to late September. The Wakkanai Press reported.
Following information is suitable for 2017’s regulations.(14th June 2018)

Ferry schedule, Tue. and Sat. from Wakkanai to Korsakov, Mon. and Fri. from Korsakov to Wakkanai. In the high season, Tue. Thu. Sat. to Korsakov, Mon. Wed. Fri. to Wakkanai from 3rd July to 2nd September. Duration of cruising is about 4 hours 30 minutes.

One-way ticket costs JPY18,000 or USD168. Passenger terminal charge of Wakkanai port JPY400 or USD4 is needed when you buy a ticket for Korsakov. Tichets are sold on travel agencies Hokuto kanko at Wakkanai, Nomad at Sapporo, Bitomo at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Each agency answer an inquiry in English and Japanese.

A ship of Penguin33 is available for only passengers, not for freight including bicycle and motorcycle. A passenger can carry on board two pieces of baggage up to 50kg, one piece shall not exceed 30kg.

Port of Korsakov is visa free entering point up to 72 hours staying for tourist. Its program is available to tour travelers of certified travel agency. You will get information about the rule and condition when you contact a travel agency to buy tickets anyway. A ferry company staff told me Hokuto kanko may well arrange a group tour just like an individual tour for alone traveler. It takes about one week for application procedure.

See their official website: Hokkaido Sakhalin Line and its service information page.

from Wakkanai to Korsakov by SASCO
Check-in dep. arr.
7:30-8:30 Wakkanai 9:00
Tue. Sat.
the peak, Tue. Thu. Sat.
>>>> Korsakov 15:30
from Korsakov to Wakkanai
Check-in dep. arr.
8:00-10:00 Korsakov 11:00
Mon. Fri.
the peak, Mon. Wed. Fri.
>>>> Wakkanai 13:30
  • Vessel: Penguin33(IMO:9553191)
  • Operators: SASCO – Sakhalin shipping company, Hokkaido Sakhalin Line(北海道サハリン航路)
  • Charges & Fees: JPY18,000 or USD168. Wakkanai terminal charge JPY400 or USD4.
  • Reservation and ticketing: Travel agency of Hokuto kanko(北都観光)phone +81-162-23-3820 at Wakkanai, Nomad(ノマド)phone +81-11-200-8840 at Sapporo, Bitomo(Би-Томо)phone +7-4242-72-6889 at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

updated 26th May 2018

Sakaiminato – Vladivostok 
DBS Cruise Ferry 
Eastern Dream

The Eastern Dream travels between Sakaiminato of Tottori and Vladivostok via Donghae, South Korea.

from Sakaiminato to Vladivostok by DBS cruise ferry
dep. arr.
closing time
>>>> Vladivostok
13:00 Mon.(Mar. to Nov.)
15:00 Mon.(Dec. to Feb.)
from Vladivostok to Sakaiminato
dep. arr.
closing time
14:00 Wed.(Mar. to Nov.)
17:00 Tue.(Dec. to Feb.)
>>>> Sakaiminato 9:00
  • Vessel: Eastern Dream
  • Operators: DBS cruise ferry
  • Charges & fees: economy class from USD265 JPY26,000 KRW289,000 and more. See the Ticket Prices page in English.
  • Reservation: Online booking is available, but in Korean pages. Call their office in Donghae 033-531-5611(phone) 033-531-5613(fax), in Sakaiminato 0859-30-2332(phone) 0859-30-2313(fax), in Vladivostok 04232-30-2704(phone) 04262-30-2664(fax) or e-mail.

updated 13 Oct. 2015


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  1. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    Hokkaido Sakhalin Line announced SASCO Wakkanai-Korsakov ferry start from 8th August to 22th September. For passengers only, not for car and motorcycle.

  2. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    SASCO Wakkanai-Korsakov ferry will sail this year!! SASCO and their co-operater Hokkaido Sakhalin Line have the plan to start regular service from late July to late September. The Wakkanai Press reported.

  3. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    SASCO Wakkanai-Korsakov ferry do NOT sail this year. The agency, Hokkaido Sakhalin Line announced.

  4. Jean-Michel PILLE より:

    Hello Tonsuke, Hope you are well !
    I wrote you a couple of month ago, as I was preparing a motorbike trip from France to Japan through Sakhalin islands. I now schedule this trip for next year, June-July 2018. I understood that after having been stopped, the ferry service between Korsakov and Wakkanai re-opened this year 🙂 – So my question is : have you any information about this ferry service for next year ? Many thanks anyway Tonsuke 🙂

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Jean-Michel PILLE
      For next year program, I guess SASCO is going to go same as this year except boat.
      Wakkanai local newspaper said a shipping agent manager had talked with SASCO about plans, it needs to reconsider ship to reduce cruise cancel in bad weather.
      I hope they choose a larger cargo-passenger ship to load motorbikes and you enjoy touring over the sea!

  5. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    Hokkaido Sakhalin line, shipping agency of SASCO disclosed their plan of schedule to city council. A ship of Penguin33 goes
    June 2nd to 30th: to Wakkanai Mon. Fri., to Korsakov Tue. Sat.
    July 3rd to September 2nd: to Wakkanai Mon. Wed. Fri., to Korsakov Tue. Thu. Sat.
    September 4th to 19th: to Wakkanai Mon. Fri., to Korsakov Tue. Sat.
    Local media the Wakkanai press reported.

  6. Matthias より:

    Ok thank you !!

  7. Matthias より:

    I mean the 13.3. sorry

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Matthias.
      HSL posted at 2017-03-13, they will re-open ferry service from June this year and details of schedule are coming soon.
      HSL held a conference on crossing border economic exchange. This post mainly express their thanks to visitors.

  8. Matthias より:


    Can someone translate what the write at 17.3.??
    I want to cross with my motorcycle too and hope so much it could happen….
    Wladiwostok – Sakkaminato is so expensive and difficult and also nearly booking up in summerseason
    Greets Matthias

  9. norman より:

    what is the status for June ferry Korsakov to wakkani

  10. stef より:

    Thank you Mr Tonsuke

  11. stef より:

    Hello Mr Tonsuke
    I wish to ask you for few information about my travel trip.If i take my motorcycle to Japan need to change reg number ,,my motorbike english reg.or it s need any document for a motorcycle or to me ,i am hungarien citizen with hungarien passport.thanks zour answer.

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello stef.
      I have just seached this subject on the net because I don’t know it at all.
      You can use a reg number plate in English at Japan.
      As the documents, it seems you have two options. If you get a document ATA carnet at your country, you can go through customs inspection easily. If you don’t have that document, you may pay for deposit to get a permission for temporary import. After all, please contact with ferry company or travel agency. They are willing to answer your inquiry. I hope you start your grate journey!!

  12. Jean-Michel より:

    Hi Tonsuke, Thanks a lot for this new information. I check regularly your site for any ne=ws, and this one seems encouraging fo next year ! Fingers crossed ! and waiting for additional news in January then…
    In the meantime, I wish you a merry christmas !

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Jean-Michel, Thank you for your message!
      I hope SASCO will get right ferry boat and you will take it with your motorbike to Japan next year. I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

  13. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    SASCO and Hokkaido Sakhalin Line announced a draft plan to operate a next June to 20th September on 2017 service. They are looking for a suitable ferry boat to carry passengers and freights but they expect to use a passenger vessel the Penguin33 for service on 2017. They will make an official announcement about schedule and ship type on next January. Local media the Wakkanai press reported.

  14. Danilo より:

    Hi there!
    I will drive my motorcycle from Spain to Japan next year so I need information about the boat from Russia…
    I’ll arrive to Japan around August (2017) do you know if from Shakalin island I can take the boat WITH my motorcycle? I’ve hear that is not possible anymore, only passengers, do u have different informations about?
    Thanks so much!

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Danilo.
      I’ve just searched news for cruising plan of 2017 but there is no information about it yet.
      As you say, only passengers available on 2016 season. Ferry company explores the possibility of carrying passengers and freights but I’m not sure how that will turn out. I will post it when I get something news. I hope that will be good news for you !

  15. NICK より:


    I am a Canadian citizen and was interested into booking a tour of 72 hours or less for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Korsakov… I know I do not need a visa for those kind of tours but what do I need to complete everything?

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello NICK.
      You have to apply to a travel agency because no visa program is available to tour travelers of certified travel agency by Russian government. I recommend Hokuto kanko for an agency if you travel alone.

  16. HC より:

    Hello, Tonsuke! I have 2 questions and wonder if you have any idea to it. My husband and I plan to drive a car from Germany to Japan, via Vladivostok. Is there any ferry that would take both passenger and our car, and do you know if we can drive the car legally in Japan? Thanks!

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello HC.
      A ship of Eastern Dream, DBS cruise ferry company will take you to Sakaiminato with your car.
      For driving permission, I think you have to hold Japanese authorities-issue documents if you have a driver license issued on Germany. I don’t know about it in detail. Please ask Japan consulate for advice, and you will get more information.
      I hope you are happy to start your great journey !!

  17. Jean-Michel より:

    Hello Tonsuke – And thanks, again, for your reply !
    I really hope this will be possible next year !!!! 🙂
    I will check regularly on this site to see if any news are coming !

  18. Jean-Michel より:

    Good evening Tonsuke,
    And many thanks for your quick reply ! So, let’s hope that Penguin 33 will be a success, and that this new line will be created soon !
    Anyway, any chance to exceptionnally carry a motorbike on the penguin33 ?
    Many thanks again – and fingers crossed !

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello again, Jean-Michel.
      Unfortunately, carrying motorbike is prohibited on the Penguin33. When I asked ferry company same question by phone, they answered NO definitely.
      This is the first season for Penguin33 is just like pilot program for regular service. I think it may change ship, regulations, a period of service and route next year.

  19. Jean-Michel より:

    Hello !
    Very interesting information ! Thanks for that !
    I’m planning a motorbike trip from France (Normandy) to Japan in summer 2017, and initialy plan to take this route through Sakhalin island, via Korasakov-Wakkanai ferry. Any chance for this ferry kept next year ? Any update for that ? Thanks so much for an update !
    So important for me – it’s a dream to make this tour !
    Cheers 🙂

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Jean-Michel.
      About Wakkanai-Korsakov ferry, the 2017 year’s plan is not yet announced. The former operator Heart Land Ferry used to announce next year’s schedule on November of previous year.
      The local newspaper said SASCO’s adviser showed his idea about starting discussion of new line Kholmsk to Wakkanai during winter if penguin33 will be a success.
      I think SASCO will release some information by end of this year at the latest.
      I hope your great journey will go well !

  20. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    For all. ferry from Korsakov to Wakkanai will start from 1st August to 16th September of 2016. Ferry company announced officially.

  21. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    For all. a passenger ferry from Korsakov to Wakkanai will start from 25th July to 16th September of 2016 season. It starts on Monday and Thursday from Korsakov, on Tuesday and Friday from Wakkanai. It costs 18,000jpy for one-way. Japanese shipping agency has announced the plan.

  22. Malcolm Webster より:

    Will I be ok Wakkenai to Korsakov with a British passport?

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello, Malcolm Webster.
      Sure, the ferry was available to everyone. I think it will be OK for this year season. Please note you will need a visa in advance.

  23. Matthias より:


    I a m German and travelling with my motorcycle eastwards. In September I want to get from Russia to Japan. Looking for a ferry I found your homepage.

    Will it be possible to take a motorcycle on your ferry?

    Where will you start in Russia (Vladivostock)?
    How long does it take to arrive in Japan? The ferry arrives in Sakaiminato?
    What are the costs for one-way one person plus one motorcycle?
    When and how frequnetly do you leave from Russia?

    Is a stopover (perhaps for one week) in South-Korea possible?

    Thank you very much for information!!!

    Best regards,
    Matthias (now in Turkey)

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Matthias. Thank you for posting.
      You can take a motorcycle to Japan on the ship of “Eastern Dream” by DBS cruise ferry company from Vladivostok to Sakaiminato via Donghae of South Korea for 3 days 2 night’s cruising. Please contact them. They receive an inquiry by mail. We are not ferry company or agency but just publisher of ferry travel information website.
      I hope you have nice touring around the East Asia !

  24. Tonsuke, webmaster より:

    Important news! Sakhalin government announced that SASCO – Sakhalin Shipping Company start ferry service from Korsakov to Wakkanai on 15th July of 2016. It means you will be able to go by a boat between Sakhalin and Hokkaido. Details are unknown.
    Sakhalin government: press release
    TASS: news article

  25. 匿名さん Anonymous より:

    Is it possible to travel from Vladivostok to Japan with bicycle on board or should I send it separately with cargo ship?

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Riho,
      You can take bicycle on EASTERN DREAM of DBS ferry with you. You don’t have to separate it !

  26. Leonard kuehn より:

    Hey there,
    I am in japan at the Moment and i wanted to go to hokkaido and from there with a ferrie to vladivostok. But it Looks like that the ferries have quitted all? Is there still a possibility?
    Greetings, Leo

    • とん助(管理人) より:

      There is no ferry boat route to vladivostok from Hokkaido. it is no possibility.
      If you try to go by sea travel, use Shinnihonkai ferry from Otaru to Maiduru. and you go to Sakaiminato by rail, and change for dbs ferry to vladivostok.
      I hope you enjoy your travel !
      from Tonsuke, webmaster

  27. Frans Corten より:

    Dear webmaster,

    Thanks for your useful website. Is there any possibility tyo travel from Sachalin to Wakkanai in sept 2016??

    • とん助(管理人) より:

      Hello, Frans Corten.
      Unfortunately, I think it is hard to travel in this year because i don’t hear the news of trying to reopen at now.

  28. Peter より:


    thank you a lot for the information.

    Is there another alternative to get to Japan from Korsakov? Like another ferry operator, or do other boats take passengers? In the summer of 2016?

    Thank you!

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hallo, Peter.
      It’s a pity that there is no ferry boat route to crossing strait in 2016 season at this time. I think it may be planned charter boats or air flights to Wakkanai, but I’m not sure if individual tourists will be able to join them. Another Kholmsk-Otaru ferry also stopped.

      Alternative routes of Korsakov to Japan,
      easy: take Aurora airline to Sapporo or Tokyo from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
      economical: S7Airlines to Tokyo via Vladivostok
      great journey: take a bus to Kholmsk from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, ferry boat to Vanino, bam railway train to Vladivostok. ..but it is likely to go back for you.

      I hope you have a great time to travel around border region between Europe-eastAsia.
      Good luck!

  29. Axel Leo より:

    Hi there,
    I’d like to travel from Wakkanai to Korsakov preferably in late May 2016.
    Your info states the ferry goes in the summer month. When would be the earliest date (in 2016) for this ferry to operate?
    Thank you.
    Axel, Australia

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Axel,
      I have to tell you a bad news. Ferry operating company announced plan to close Wakkanai – Korsakov route. This year’s schedule would be last one.
      Schedules would be published in December, ferry starts to operate in the middle of June as usual.

  30. Car to Vladivostok from Japan より:

    Hello! So if the car ferry is suspended, how can I now get my vehicle from Japan to Vladivostok?? Please help if you can. 🙂 Jens, Sweden

  31. Tonsuke -webmaster より:

    Hi. Make a call to DBS office +82-2-548-5557 or mail to dbsferry@dbsferry.com
    See the Reservation page, some other phone number are listed.

  32. John L Sewell より:

    I wish to reserve ticket to sail, with DBS, on or after 10 Sept, from Vladivostok to Sakaiminato. What is best method? John

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  34. Jan Marek Prus より:

    Thank you for this web side! So much! I’m planning to use your service during my trip around the world. I’m starting from Poland in UE.We will be produce a documentary film about this trip for public TV and we will be writing a blog. If you can help us with
    Any of it we will be glad.
    Best Regards
    Jan Marek Prus

    • とん助(管理人) より:

      Hello, Jan Marek Prus.
      Thank you for your posting.
      We are researching int’l ferry routes, services, and put articles our website for travelers’ convenience. If you have any question, we answer it as far as possible, as a private individual group.
      I hope your project is successful and having fun.
      from Tonsuke