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Ferry routes to/from Japan

Japan-Korea routes

  • Panstar Dream,
    Osaka – Busan by Panstar
  • Eastern Dream,
    Sakaiminato – Donghae by DBS cruise ferry
  • Hamayuu and Seong Hee,
    Shimonoseki – Busan by Kampu ferry and Pukwan ferry
  • Beetle,
    Fukuoka(Hakata) – Busan by JR Kyusyu jet ferry
  • Kobee,
    Fukuoka(Hakata) – Busan by Mirajet
  • New Camellia,
    Fukuoka(Hakata) – Busan by Camellia Line
  • NINA,
    Izuhara – Busan by Mirajet
  • Ocean Flower, Ocean Flower 2,
    Izuhara – Busan by Daea Express Shipping
  • Beetle,
    Hitakatsu – Busan by JR Kyusyu jet ferry
  • Kobee, NINA,
    Hitakatsu – Busan by Mirajet
  • Ocean Flower, Ocean Flower 2
    Hitakatsu – Busan by Daea Express Shipping

Japan-China routes

  • Suzhou Hao,
    Osaka – Shanghai by Shanghai Ferry
  • Xinjianzhen,
    Osaka and Kobe – Shanghai by China Japan Internationl Ferry(CHNJIF)

Japan-Russia routes

  • Penguin33,
    Wakkanai – Korsakov by SASCO – Sakhalin shipping company
  • Eastern Dream,
    Sakaiminato – Vladivostok (via Donghae) by DBS cruise ferry

There was a ferry link between Okinawa and Taiwan, it was closed since June 2008 due to bankruptcy.

and the other countries…

Korea-China routes

    Incheon – Dandong by Dan Dong Ferry
    Incheon – Dalian by Dain Ferry
    Incheon – Yingkou by Pan Korea Yingkou Ferry
    Incheon – Qinhuangdao by Qinin Ferry
    Incheon – Tianjin by Jinchon Ferry
  • Xiang Xue Lan,
    Incheon – Yantai by Hanjoong Ferry
  • New Golden Bridge2,
    Incheon – Weihai by Weidong Ferry
    Incheon – Shidao by Huadong Ferry
  • New Golden Bridge5,
    Incheon – Qingdao by Weidong Ferry
  • ZI YU LAN,
    Incheon – Lianyungang by Yeonunhang Ferry and Lianyungang C-k Ferry
    Pyeongtaek – Yantai by Yantai Ferry
    Pyeongtaek – Weihai by Jiaodong Shipping
    Pyeongtaek – Rongcheng by Dalong Ferry
    Pyeongtaek – Rizhao by Rizhao haitong ferry
    Pyeongtaek – Lianyungang by Yeonunhang Ferry and Lianyungang C-k Ferry
    Gunsan – Shidao by Shidao International Ferry

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コメント Comments

  1. Allan より:

    Is there an extra fee to carry a bicycle on the ferry from Tian Ren to Incheon???

  2. Jerome より:

    I heard that the ferry between Sakhaline and Hokkaido had stopped. Is this correct or is still possible to reach Hokkaido island in Japan from Skhaline island in Russia?
    Thank you,

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello Jerome.
      It is exactly as you say the ferry from Sakhalin to Hokkaido had stopped.
      But Russian media reported about the plan to restart ferry service by SASCO ? Sakhalin Shipping Company from 15th July of 2016. Japanese media reported the plan that a passenger ship name of penguin32 will be operated two round-trip per a week from July to September. In usual ferries go during summer season.
      Note that it hasn’t been clearly decided because the both authorities and operators are not in agreement yet. I will post follow-up about it.

  3. mariano odetti より:

    buenos dias, mi nombre es mariano odetti ( desde argentina )y deseo tomar un barco el jueves 7 de mayo, lo mas temprano en la manana posible, para ir de fukuoka a busan.
    las paginas de beetle y kobee estan en japones y coreano y no puedo traducirlas, podre comprar mis tickets entregando mis datos de la tarjeta de credito a una casilla de mail y luego me envien los tickets electronicos?
    me puedo informar como puedo comprar mis tickets?

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hola! Actually, i’m not sure about Beetle’s online ticketing system in detail, but it may inform you about your reservation number on screen or by email after payment on credit card. I guess it is some difficult to use their booking page for other language speaker.
      You can book by phone call to the reservation desk or use online travelagency like When you visit, check the fukuoka-busan on destination list.
      The important thing is booking in advance because 7th May is the day among special holiday week in Japan. good luck!

  4. Dermot より:

    Hi, just to let you know that most major Japanese Ferry companies can now be booked online easily at and in Euros or Pounds. Makes it much easier to book ferry travel in Japan.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Michal より:

    good job! helped me a lot 😉

  6. Christine Cornish より:

    I would like info regarding travel with motorcycles to and from Japan and Korea. I am in Japan at Yokota Air Base. My husband will fly here then we will ride my motorcycle that is Japan-registered to the ferry to Korea. Which ferry is closest between Tokyo and Seoul? Once in Korea, we will pick up my other motorcycle that is at Osan Air Base. We will travel around Korea for a few days then return with the Japan registered motorcycle and the Korea registered motorcycle; I purchased Japanese JCI and liability insurance and will get temporary plates for the Korean registered motorcycle to be able to ride in Japan. Would you please guide me as to the paper work and fees for my motorcycles to and from Japan/Korea? Thank you, Christine Cornish

    • Tonsuke, webmaster より:

      Hello, Christine.
      I guess most comfortable way is taking “Panstar Dream”, Panstar ferry company links Osaka and Busan. Each ferry terminal is well prepared for custom clearance for an individual tourists and easy access to/from Tokyo and Seoul. If you want to enjoy touring through the countryside, “Eastern Dream” by DBS cruise ferry is good choice.
      As for travel documents, I’m not sure about regulations on motorcycle touring for people from other countries. I think ferry company will advise you about it as appropriate. Please contact with them. I hope everything is OK and you have great fun.

      Does anyone have a helpful suggestions? Please post!